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YouTube File Hack Tool, download videos from Explorer

26 mayo, 2021

Although we have already seen various options to download YouTube videos, most of them are based on online services or on addons for Firefox. What about Internet Explorer users?

YouTube File Hack Tool offers us a simple tool for downloading through this browser. We just have to install the application and it will add a new item to the contextual menu that allows the download of the video that we are watching.

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To show the contextual menu we just have to go to the option More info from YouTube or to see the video in higher resolution and press the right button, with which a menu like the one in the image will appear.

Once the video is downloaded, we will need, yes, a player that is compatible with the FLV format or a converter, of which you can find some examples in the entry referenced at the beginning. The author claims that a version will also be ready for Firefox soon, so both browsers will be compatible with YouTube File Hack Tool, although in the latter we are already more than served by this type of .

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