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YouTube for Android begins to activate new filters in the subscription section

26 mayo, 2021

Google keep improving the section of subscriptions of the application of YouTube for Android. If for a couple of months we can filter our subscriptions by channel, now they have begun to activate more filters.

YouTube for Android It is already testing the filters that iOS users have been enjoying since January. Thanks to this novelty, we will have more control over the videos of our subscriptions.

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So you can filter your subscriptions

Youtube Filters Subscriptions

In the tab Subscriptions a new section will appear just below the horizontal channel list with filters or labels that will help us to find the videos in a simpler way.

By default it will show us All videos, but thanks to these new filters we will be able to see only the published videos Today, the videos that we have left half with the filter Keep watching, the videos that we have not seen yet by clicking on Not reproduced, or filter by videos Live or see only the Publications.

At the end of the filter list we can configure the feed of our subscriptions, to tell you if we want to see only the videos or also next to the publications.

Google has not officially announced this novelty yet, but it is expected to reach all users in the next few days. They are activating the filters through their servers, so updating the application to the latest version does not guarantee that we have the filters available.