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Youtube Gaming will disappear and the contents will go to a video game section on YouTube

27 mayo, 2021

YouTube Gaming has been one of those Google projects where the company has failed to succeed at the level of YouTube, Android, Gmail or Maps itself. The challenge was enormous in the competition against Twitch, who in addition to doing it before, have always better understood the needs of the streamers of videogames. Thus, YouTube Gaming will disappear on May 30 and will be integrated with the main YouTube service, under a new video game page.

YouTube sends a reassuring message to content creators, and the contents uploaded to YouTube Gaming will not be affected: they will continue to be available from the video games page, which has 82 million subscribers.

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YouTube Gaming says goodbye as a service, and as an app

Youtube Gaming

In addition to saying goodbye to the web, YouTube Gaming will also disappear as an application, although according to Google it is something that will happen later than the web, in the first half of 2019. They claim that Before discontinuing it, they will ensure that the experience for gamers, is as good as the one now guaranteed by the dedicated application.

The reason for the elimination of YouTube Gaming is due, according to the statement, to the fact that they want “their users to feel at home not only in the YouTube Gaming application, but also in YouTube”, something that they justify with the fact that 200 million users already They go into the main service every month to watch video game news and broadcasts. In other words from YouTube, “what we want is integrate this product into the main YouTube application, so that both creators and fans of this type of content are not separated from other users“.

The subscriptions of the users who were in YouTube Gaming will go to YouTube, and for the moment the loss will be the games to which you are subscribed in the dedicated application. YouTube claims that they are working on new ways to organize interests about video games, so it is expected that this functionality will eventually arrive.

Via | Engadget