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YouTube hides the tags of all its videos to avoid bad practices from users

27 mayo, 2021

If you have uploaded videos to YouTube on any occasion (or any type of content in a service) you will know that one way to classify these videos and index them to facilitate searches are the tags or tags. It is a very widespread cataloging method for all types of material, including the same Genbeta entries and the rest of the Weblogs SL publications. As well, YouTube has hidden the tags of all videos on the service preventing users from seeing what tags each video has.

Many users seem to go too far in tagging their videos in the hope that their material will stand out more in searches; to the point where they put endless oceans of labels in foreign fields like the video description copying the tags of similar videos indiscriminately. It is not the correct way to use the labels, it confuses the navigators and it can be considered an attempt to SPAM in according to which cases.


So YouTube has decided to hide all the tags so that users do not abuse their use: if nobody knows what tags a video has, nobody will be able to copy themselves. It is not the definitive solution, but it is something. Tags continue to exist and in fact YouTube continues to ask us to write them when uploading a video, the only thing that no one will be able to see them publicly and they will remain hidden so that YouTube can use them internally.

Via | The Next Web
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