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YouTube mistakenly removes a fight between robots for ‘animal cruelty’

27 mayo, 2021

Google has not liked seeing two robots fighting to the death, and has eliminated a video showing this type of content, arguing that said video violated the policies against the exhibition of animal cruelty on YouTube. The measure was the result of an error in the platform’s own algorithm, which detected non-compliance with YouTube policies where there were none.

It was Jamison Go, one of the participants of the Battlebots (yes, there are official robot fighting competitions), he received the notice on his YouTube channel, in which it was shown the failure of the algorithm at the time of detection.

A curious error that is already solved

In the email that Go received from the YouTube team, it was referenced that It is not allowed to upload animals suffering or fighting in this network, and that this type of content violates the policies of the platform.

In the video, not suitable for those people who feel empathy towards robots, we can see two devices fighting, although the most curious thing is that the encounter ends by time, and not because one of the two robots destroys the other. Similarly, we appreciate that the front rows of the audience are packed with children.

There's one thing Facebook and YouTube like less than boobs: history

Tg Image 973663409 To make matters worse, we can see that the majority of the audience is made up of children.

The case, although anecdotal, adds to the list of errors made by the YouTube algorithm, which have led to the removal of videos

YouTube has told The Verge that the videos they were deleted by mistake, and that there are no policies that prohibit uploading this type of content, which has little or nothing to do with animal suffering.

It is not the first time that the YouTube algorithm “bundles” it, and it is that just a few months ago, it confused the Notre Dame fire with the attacks on the Twin Towers. These types of errors in the algorithm come from the attempt of the platform to try to combat violent, extremist and conspiracy videos.

Via | The Verge