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YouTube Music free now allows you to listen to the music uploaded on connected devices

22 mayo, 2021

Free YouTube Music users have one more reason to continue using the app without subscribing to the Premium option: from now on they can ‘cast’ the music uploaded to the service’s cloud. In this way they will not need the files to be physically on the phone since it is enough to send the music using the Google Cast service.

The musical options within the Google portfolio are still doubled despite the fact that Google Play music already has its end date set: the end of 2020. While it is time to dismiss the service, it is YouTube Music that is taking center stage by dint of assimilating the functions of its predecessor. There is the uploading of songs to the Google cloud, for example: this way you can listen to your own music on any mobile, also on your computer. Not only that, but also on the connected speakers. And without paying a penny.

‘Cast’ your own music to other devices

Youtube Music Songs Speakers

The option until now was exclusive to ‘Premium users, as specified by YouTube Music’s own help, not yet updated. However, Google has changed the requirements to allow ‘casting’ also for those who use YouTube Music without any subscription. Deployment is currently underway, so it may take some time for it to reach all users.

How to Transfer Your Uploaded Music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

As highlighted in Android Police, YouTube Music has opened its hand to remove the limitation of sharing music uploaded to YouTube Music with connected devices. The function is in deployment and we have been able to verify in our devices that it really is, although, at least for the moment, with certain nuances: in the Google Home we still get the warning that a Premium user is required, other connected devices do we can do the ‘casting’.

To access the function is as simple as play any song uploaded to YouTube Music and then click on the Chromecast icon. You have to choose the connected device and that’s it: the song will be played from the music list uploaded to the cloud. Playlists can be made, ‘cast’ an album, artist or the entire upload folder, as you like.

Youtube Music Songs Speakers

The rollout is currently taking place: in the event that you cannot send the music with your free account, you will only have to wait a bit. You need the updated YouTube Music app.

Via | Android Police