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YouTube Music offers from today the option to upload your own music for free

22 mayo, 2021

Google Play Music is an app sentenced to death: Google’s bet in the musical field (which will have to beat the copper against Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and company) has become YouTube Music.

This, of course, has generated confusion in recent times about the destination of the thousands of musical themes that users have safe in the Google Play Music cloud.

Google Play Music won’t close … for now

Meanwhile, Google today announced the implementation of a new functionality to its YouTube Music service: the option for users to upload their music library directly to the platform. Although Google Play Music has a limit of 20,000 songs, Google has not yet released the limits of the new service.

How to upload your music to Google Play to create your own Spotify

Starting today, YouTube Music allows you to upload music in a wide variety of formats, from MP3 to WMA, through M4A, FLAC or OGG. Uploading is done by accessing, clicking on the profile photo and clicking on the ‘Upload music’ option from the menu. Once the clips are uploaded and processed, they can be managed from the YouTube Music Library.

According to the Google statement, users will be able to play their uploaded songs in the background, ad-free and offlineeven when they don’t have an active YouTube Music Premium subscription.

According to Google, Users will “soon” be allowed to bulk transfer their music collections from Google Play Music to YouTube Music; has also ruled out that this will translate “for now” into the closure of the first of the services … but adding that they will notify their users “well in advance when we are going to definitively replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music.”

Apple already made the decision in 2015 to converge its streaming music platform, Apple Music, with its ‘cloud’ for its own music files, iTunes Match, the latter being one more functionality for users of the former.

Via | MSPowerUser