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YouTube now informs you of the time you spend watching videos

27 mayo, 2021

YouTube will now let you know the time you spend on their platform. This has been announced by Google on the official YouTube blog, where it is presented as a new function with which to have a better understanding of the time spent on YouTube to make informed decisions about how to use it.

This function is completely independent and native in the YouTube mobile app, so it is complementary to the one presented in Android Pie to know the time you spend in each app. With this move, Google keeps up with other companies like Facebook that have also announced the availability of this type of statistics to take care of the “digital well-being” of its users.

Youtube Statistics

The new function is already available in the latest version of the YouTube application. You just have to open the account menu and click on the new option Display time. When you do, you will be presented with a series of statistics with the time you have spent watching videos today, yesterday, and in the last seven days, as well as an average of daily time.

Statistics are not obtained by monitoring the behavior of each user, but in a simpler way, such as using YouTube’s viewing history. That means that if you delete the history you will reset the data by setting it to zero, and that if you delete videos from it, its duration will be deducted from the statistics.

In addition to the data, this section will also allow you to configure things like a reminder to take a break that you can configure to sound every certain time. You can also set the automatic playback of the next video, or configure the sending of scheduled summaries to your email. It also eliminates the notifications and sounds of the app to avoid the temptation to look at the mobile.

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The option has already started to spread

As we have said, YouTube has already begun to bring this new option to mobile devices, so it is most likely that you already have this functionality available. And if not, it should reach you in the next few hours. These dates they are not yet available in the web version YouTube, but they shouldn’t be long in coming either.

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