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YouTube Rewind 2018 is already the video with the most dislikes in history

27 mayo, 2021

Breaking a record on your own platform sounds like a good thing. The problem is when that record is for having the video with the most dislikes in history, something that YouTube has just achieved.

Everything indicated that this was going to happen very quickly, since this week he has been accumulating dislikes by leaps and bounds. Finally All the predictions have been fulfilled and he has snatched this title from Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’.

Pew Die Pie didn't like 2018's hated 'Rewind' either: "The community is more unhappy than ever with YouTube"

It has already exceeded 10 million dislikes

Currently it already has more than 10 million “I don’t like” (data from LikesCounter), while Justin Bieber’s slightly exceeds 9.9 million dislikes.

We can ask ourselves why this video is generating so much repulsion from users. Marques Brownlee (better known as MKBHD), one of the most important YouTubers on the planet (with a very important role in this year’s Rewind) uploaded a video a few hours ago to explain his version of events:

Brownlee says YouTube is too stubborn to show all “how nice and clean YouTube is” to advertisers, omitting people, trends and videos that have been important in 2018.

Promotional videos with too much content and in which there are significant absences

What’s more, MKBHD claims the latest Rewinds They have opted for excessive mounting, trying to condense too many songs, people and moments into a single clip.

We can see how much these videos have changed if we see the Rewind of 2011. To begin with, it is presented by a person (Rebecca Black), it lasts just over two minutes and it shows the Top 10 of the year.

What is clear is that the YouTube community has turned its back on the Rewind we know, and surely the platform will bet on another type of promotional video in 2019.

Update 12/14 (09:00): YouTube has published a tweet in which they make fun of themselves for having stolen the record of dislikes from Justin Bieber. In a second tweet they make it clear that they have learned from what happened:

“Thank you to the creators who participated in Rewind and to the community that responded. We listened to what you are saying, and we want to make next year better for all of you.”