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YouTube starts showing Premium benefits to subscribers who are already paying

25 mayo, 2021

A novelty introduced by Google is reaching the user accounts of those subscribed to YouTube Premium: a new statistics space shows all subscriber benefits. Number of hours played without ads, the time YouTube has been listened to with the screen off, the hours with downloaded videos and offline …

Surely if you regularly use YouTube you will have found out that the portal has a paid subscription. Yes, YouTube is a bit pushy with the Premium service, but it’s also true that it often pays to subscribe if only to avoid seeing the ads of the happy Premium. And there are many other advantages, all designed to make video playback more comfortable and enjoyable. Who are part of those who pay Premium and do not know well how it has benefited you? Well, Google has introduced a change in the Android app that will reveal it to you.

Hours you watched YouTube ad-free, offline …

Advantages Youtube Premium

The playback statistics are already within the YouTube application for Android, this is nothing new: from this section you can check what is your consumption of the platform having the option of applying rest times. Well then: YouTube Premium subscribers will have an exclusive statistics section.

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Under the name of ‘Your Premium benefits’ the new section, which is currently in a limited group of users, wants to publicize all the advantages that the subscriber has just for paying. Like global statistics, Premium benefits show portal usage, although the total appears and not the last seven days. These benefits are divided into four sections:

  • Hours of playback without advertising.
  • Number of hours that only the video audio has been listened to (in the background or with the screen off).
  • YouTube Music total usage time.
  • Number of hours of video and audio only with downloaded content (offline).

In addition to statistics, the new section with Premium benefits shows subscribers other related offers, such as content available in the originals of the platform. All so that subscribers have a better perspective of the advantages they obtain in exchange for the fixed monthly amount they allocate to the platform.

At the moment the section with the benefits of YouTube Premium appears in a reduced number of users: we have checked several accounts and applications without the change having appeared. Hopefully this is an improvement that expand to all accounts, as usual Google.

Via | Android Police