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YouTube wants to fill with “stories” like Instagram and now they are available to all creators

23 mayo, 2021

At the end of 2017, YouTube launched its “stories” with basically everything that people asked of Instagram, the format that Snapchat popularized and that we now see even in the soup, it is the favorite of many users and creators, and those of YouTube have various special things, including that can last up to a week posted and be less ephemeral.

When YouTube launched its stories did it in beta for just about 200 creators around the world, but this time not only have the ways of sharing improved but now all creators can post “stories” to YouTube, as long as they have 10,000 subscribers or more.

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As of today, the option will begin to be enabled in the YouTube mobile applications for iOS and Android. Users will be able to comment, “like” and “dislike” comments and creators will have moderation tools equal to those offered by normal video uploads. Creators can reply to comments publicly on posts for all to see.

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How to create stories on YouTube

If your channel has 10,000 subscribers or more and your app has already been updated, you should see a new option when touching the button in the form of a camera to upload videos called “History”. When choosing it, you will basically go to a screen similar to the one offered by the Instagram app to create stories.

Youtube Stories

You can choose to record or upload images or videos from your mobile. You can add stickers, music, filters, text in different styles and colors, etc. When you are ready you just have to choose “Publish” and your stories will spend 7 days available so that all your subscribers have time to see them.

In addition to this, YouTube stories may appear in the feeds of both subscribers and non-subscribers of a channel in the home tab on in the “Next” section below the videos you are watching.

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