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Youtuber Jaime Altozano reveals how much he earns with his channel (and how the income is distributed between Spain and Latin America)

24 mayo, 2021

Jaime Altozano is, today, one of the best known Spanish youtubers. It is true that, with 2.1 million subscribers, still does not play in the same league as, for example, El Rubius and its 37 million followers, but if we take a look at its contents, it is clear that it does not intend it: where the Rubius offers viral challenges and some gameplay, Altozano goes down with music dissemination content.

Thus, a glance at your channel reveals jewels like “Why didn’t Mozart use the B flat”, “From Mozart to Ariana Grande: chords that blow me away” or “What nobody knows about Pachelbel’s Canon”; her most popular video, for example, analyzed the musical and historical ins and outs of Rosalía’s latest album (and was answered by the singer herself).

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But another aspect in which Altozano is different from other youtubers, Spanish or not, are the few squeamish he shows when it comes to commenting on how much money he makes with that side of him (he’s also a music producer). Yesterday he underwent a question session by the users of the online community Mené, and one of them questioned him on two very specific topics:

“Have your visits on YouTube increased due to confinement? How much do you earn on average per 1,000,000 views in your niche?”

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Altozano answered the first thing that had not perceived “any significant increase in traffic due to the confinement”, but it is possible that it does exist “but it is very low (10% or so) and it is not appreciated because there is a lot of noise in the metrics”. However, what was interesting was the following answer.

He began by explaining that he has videos with a majority of Spanish audiences and others in which the Latin American public predominates, and that monetization in these cases varies, since advertisers pay more for the Spanish public:

“In Spain I earn around € 600-800 for every 1,000,000 visits. In Latin America € 100-300 or so. As my audience is mixed, that means that I usually generate € 400 for every 1M. I’m calculating the figures a bit by eye, but more or less “.

The videos that I have demonetized by copyright (Lord of the Rings, Rosalía, 8-D Music, Star Wars, etc.) obviously do not generate anything for me.

Merchandising Other means of income for Jaime Altozano apart from the monetization of his videos.

Then he explains that he complements this income with his channel on the crowdfunding platform Patreon (he has 975 ‘patrons’ who can choose fees of 2, 7 and 15 dollars per month) and with merchandising: a few months ago he set up an online sales store of illustrations, Master Of Lol, together with youtubers friends and his girlfriend ‘Ter’ (temporarily closed due to the coronavirus crisis).

“That allows us right now in the channel to work 3 full-time people (people who help me with editing and administrative tasks).”

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