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Zenkit To Do is perhaps the best alternative to Wunderlist to manage your to-do lists in a simple way

27 mayo, 2021

Wunderlist used to be one of the to-do list apps simpler and more popular that existed, hence one day Microsoft decided to buy it. However, Wunderlist as such has one foot in the grave and will definitely die in May 2020.

Instead, Microsoft has long been working on To-Do as a replacement, although third-party alternatives are not lacking. Now, if what you want is something as similar as possible to Wunderlist and that also lets you import all your lists just as they were in the dying app, the new Zenkit To Do is probably your best bet.


A Wunderlist clone with a lot of potential

Zenkit Wunderlist On the left Wunderlist, on the right Zenkit To Do

If the name Zenkit It sounds like something to them, it’s because we have talked about them before, there is already a project management app of that name, but without the “To-Do”. The normal Zenkit is a more complex tool that uses the Kanban method to help us organize everything, perhaps one of the best alternatives to Trello out there.

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Now, Zenkit To-Do is from the same people, but it is an individual companion app for simply creating to-do lists, and it has (intentionally) a gigantic resemblance to Wunderlist, both in interface and in operation.

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In fact, it is intended so that In a single click you can import all your lists from Wunderlist to Zenkit To-Do and everything looks almost exactly how you had it. Either from the web, Windows, macOS, or your apps for iOS and Android.

What Zenkit To-Do offers

Zenkit To Do Screenshot Ipad Inbox Dark Mode Framed

Zenkit To Do has a free plan which is more than enough for most basic needs, both for individual users and for small teams, or the family group, if for example you are one of those who uses to-do list apps for the shopping list or the things that are there what to do at home, etc.

You can use Zenkit To Do for free on all your devices with synchronization, you have up to 500 MB of space to add attachments, you can create 80 lists and 2400 tasks distributed in a maximum of 20 folders. You can add comments to lists, you can create reminders, you can collaborate with 7 more users, and you can use two-factor authentication.

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Outside of the free plan there are three other payment plans, ranging from one of 3 euros per month per user, to personalized business plans.

Interface and usage

Zenkit To Do Lists

If you’ve used Wunderlist, you’ll know where everything is and how to use everything in an instant. If not, it is not a big complication either. Zenkit To Do is extremely simple and easy to use. You have a home page with your Inbox, there are the tasks that you have added today with or without a date.

Depending on the reminders you add or dates you assign, you will be able to see tasks in automatic lists called “Today” and “Week”. Next to these is the “Marked” section where the tasks that you mark as important appear, and you also have a search engine.

Zenkit To Do Tasks Details

You can create folders and include the corresponding tasks within them, and you can rearrange your tasks by dragging and dropping, either to move space in the list or to switch folders.

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You can configure these automatic or intelligent lists from the configuration so that they are displayed or not, including lists with everything that you have marked as finished, which is worth highlighting the satisfying sound you hear when completing a task.

Zenkit To Do Themes

From the settings you can also change the appearance of the app by choosing between light and dark themes, plus the option to change the app’s background. You have many possibilities to leave it to your liking.

In addition to all the resemblance to Wunderlist, Zenkit To Do already has several options that this one does not. For example, support for HTML, Markdown and rich text, progress bar on mobile version, @mentions for team members, permissions for folders, and they also plan to add tags, swipe and fill gestures, support for offline use and various other things.

In general, the app is well done, it is extremely easy to use, it is ideal if you come from Wunderlist, and if not, it is an excellent alternative to carry your to-do lists on your desktop and mobile with automatic synchronization and the option to share with more people.

You may download Zenkit To Do for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS or Android from its official website.