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ZipMyURL, elegant and complete short address generator

27 mayo, 2021

We already said it recently, emphasizing that little by little we will find more advanced tools than we know today, and it has taken little time, the least, for long address shorteners.

I present to you ZipMyURL, an elegant, simple, practical and easy-to-use application. But in addition to this rally, it allows us to generate short addresses starting from long addresses, either by entering a single long address or several, as with Linkbunch or Url Split.

What’s more, we have advanced options, such as the possibility of adding labels, password protection, prevent it from appearing in the list of shortened addresses, and allow users to choose the url to load, in case we generate a short address starting from several long addresses.

But it does not finish here, If we register, we can share our generated addresses on services such as Twitter and, in addition to having control over our own generated addresses.

Two more notes: the first is that in the future they plan to integrate access to users through OpenID, and second, aimed at developers, they hope to have an API on which they can build services in a short time.

Conclution: We are facing one of the most complete and elegant web address shorteners of all that we have presented, although the trend will go in this direction, offering much more value than those tools that just provide a short address without more.

Via | Geek Link Point | ZipMyURL