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Zombies, Run !, run for your life

26 mayo, 2021

Imagine a city full of hungry zombies and that the only chance to survive is run away while, on the way, you complete a series of missions. Zombies, Run! It is that, a game of the style of augmented reality, with the exception that you will not receive this reality by consulting the screen of your mobile, if not through the audio instructions that you will hear through the headphones connected to the application of your Android.

The main objective of a practitioner of running Consolidated is being faithful to your routine, but not everyone has the determination or motivation to start the desire every day that they should. Thanks to Zombies, Run! we will get that spur capable of motivate us to run, providing that extra game, achievements and rewards scratched from the world of video games (gamification) and that they have been able to integrate very well into this idea.

Zombies, Run!  augmented reality game

Yes, idea why at the moment it is only a future project seeking financing before starting itcrowdfunding) via Kickstarter, the same patronage and financing platform used in the failed iEmu project. Initially the project was only intended for the lucky users of the ios, but thanks to the numerous requests of the people who participated in the donation, it was possible that the Android version

Reviewing, you prepare at home, connect the headphones to your mobile and launch the application. The interface is you and your sneakers running the only tool for run away from zombies. From there you will receive audio instructions indicating the path you must follow. Nevertheless you can check the screen of your mobile to also see the route, the missions completed, time and destination. You can also put your music in the background, but nothing better than listening to the background sounds so that your adrenaline shoots up and you run for your life as if there was no tomorrow.

If you do not get used to the idea, it will be enough for you to see the following promotional video so that you can see what this interesting application will be to motivate your daily runs.

We assume that the game will follow the layout of the map of your city, or so it should be, validating the missions thanks to the GPS from your mobile. Perhaps the problem may come because the game is a project of USA and it will be necessary to see if they take territorial versions for other countries.

The bad news, after throwing flowers to this project, is that until February 2012 they do not promise to have the version of ios and with Android we will have to wait until May 2012 but, on the other hand, this delay will help you start to get in shape so that when the game arrives you will overcome all the missions without blinking. Start running now!

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